Best Yarnbomb EVER

Icelandic Ram Yarn Bomb.
Someone yarn bombed a ram. Someone. Yarn bombed. A ram. I die.


Homemade Chicken & Stars Soup

This time of year, we are all getting one virus or another. Flu, cold, stomach bug, sinus infections, whatever.

This weekend, the whole family has been under the weather. I knew that we needed some good old-fashioned medicine - chicken noodle soup. The cure for all our winter blues!

Checking my cabinets for what type of noodles I had on hand, I noticed some pasta stars hiding in the back. Oh! Chicken and Stars! Yes. That's totally gonna happen.

This soup totally revived the whole family! Surprisingly, I had a hard time finding a quick recipe online with the ingredients most of us have on hand. Not sure about you, but I don't typically have a whole chicken just lying around. I have chicken breasts. Duh.

Hope this gives you a boost while we patiently wait for spring to arrive!


Farizula Designs on Etsy Finds!

The second time Farizula Designs has been on the Etsy Finds newsletter! This time, it's on the top of the heap! EXCITING!


Featured Etsy Shop: Julie Ann Art

Etsy powers...ACTIVATE! 

Farizula Designs is teaming up with Julie Ann Art blog to get the word out on some downright awesome handmade artwork! Check out her blog and Etsy shop for her lovely f*&#ing cards. 

Julie Ann Art Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JulieAnnArt

Julie Ann Art blog: http://www.julieannart.com/


Personalized Father's Day Art Mug

Let your dad know that he is a total TROPHY DAD with a personalized, dishwasher safe, hand illustrated mug from Farizula Designs!
Happy Father's Day!